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The Heartland Mutual Insurance Company HMIC was organized as a township mutual insurance company in 1996 by the merger of Delafield Mutual of Lakefield Minnesota (organized in 1888) and Wilmont Mutual of Lismore Minnesota (organized in 1895). This merger would allow HMIC to meet the needs of homeowners and farmowners in southern Minnesota. To further meet those needs, in January 2007 HMIC filed for and received a new Charter to operate as a statewide mutual insurance company. This new Charter allows HMIC to write additional perils and expand its operating territory from 14 counties to the entire State of Minnesota. HMIC is currently comprised of approximately 2,500 members.

HMIC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 members who are responsible for the overall operation and direction of the company. HMIC exists for the primary purpose of providing farm and home insurance to its members.

Our Mission

The mission of the Heartland Mutual Insurance Company is to provide excellent service, current coverages, and competitive rates which will assist its members and promote a financially sound, competitive farm mutual insurance company for the ultimate benefit of its members.

Heartland Mutual Insurance

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