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PLEASE NOTE: No coverage can be bound or policy changes completed by sending an email or contact form. You must speak to an agent during regular office hours in order to process your request.

Heartland Mutual Insurance Company

Heartland Mutual Insurance Company was incorporated on July 1, 1996, as a result of a merger between Wilmont Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Lismore, MN, incorporated in 1896, and Delafield Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Lakefield, MN, incorporated in 1888. The company operated as a Township Mutual under Minnesota Statute 67a until December 31, 2006, when the company applied for and received approval to operate under Minnesota Statute 66a as a statewide mutual insurance company effective January 1, 2007. Effective January 1, 2020, Heartland Mutual Insurance Company is the surviving Company of a merger with Beaver Creek Mutual Insurance Company of Luverne, MN, incorporated in 1885.

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